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The book of the 25th aniversary of Space explains with both images and text the evolution of music in Ibiza, the scene that made and continues to make Space the protagonist. Also, Pepe Roselló explains firsthand how music and fashion evolved on the island since the hippies first arrived with a new hedonistic & gregarious lifestyle. It also features interviews with the most important artists of the club, such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and Sasha among others.


10€ of each purchase will go to Cáritas España, given the commitment of Space Ibiza represented by Pepe with this NGO, renewing the annual support with financial contributions for programs that aid the development of people at risk of social exclusion: the homeless, the unemployed, seniors, children, youth, immigrants, prisoners, those infected with HIV and drug addicts.


Buy your copy now and own the history of the best club in the world right in your hands.

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